Tesla Model 3 becomes best-selling EV in Europe


The Tesla Model 3 has taken the top spot as the most popular electric vehicle in Europe in terms of sales for August. The most-affordable EV from Tesla overtook the Renault Zoe in the rankings, which has dominated the European market for several months.

According to a report from the EV Sales Blog, the Model 3 was delivered to 7,020 customers during August. This figure was enough to give it the top spot by a sizeable margin. The second-place Zoe from Renault sold 6,183 units, trailing the Model 3 by nearly 900 units.

The Ford Kuga PHEV, Hyundai Kona EV, and Mercedes A250e finished off the top 5 with 5,055, 4,054, and 3,505 units delivered, respectively.

(Photo: Andres GE)